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With the changes in the health insurance market, individuals and small businesses need trusted advocates now more than ever. Covered California Certified Insurance Agents assist consumers in receiving eligibility determinations. Agents also work one on one with consumers to help them complete the Covered California application to select and enroll in a health insurance plan in either Covered California’s individual market or through its Covered California for Small Business. Unlike Certified Enrollment Counselors, Certified Insurance Agents may collect premiums for consumers who are enrolled electronically. Certified Insurance Agents provide impartial information about a consumer’s plan choices, and they can offer advice about which particular plan may best meet a consumer’s needs. Quote Selection Insurance Services and its team of Certified Insurance Agents have helped thousands of Californians get the personal attention they need to make the right choice on their health insurance needs.

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I work for myself, of course this meant that I have to supply my own insurance, with the new changes I was really confused about what plans qualified and which ones didn’t. I made an appointment with an Agent and they helped me put the pieces together.

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