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Covered California

The California Health Benefit Exchange is guided by six primary values:


At the center of the Exchange’s efforts are the people it serves, including patients and their families, and small business owners and their employees. The Exchange offers a consumer-friendly experience that is accessible to all Californians, recognizing the diverse cultural, language, economic, educational and health status needs of those we serve.


The Exchange welcomes partnerships, and its efforts will be guided by working with consumers, providers, health plans, employers and other purchasers, government partners, and other stakeholders.


The Exchange will be a catalyst for change in California’s health care system, using its market role to stimulate new strategies for providing high-quality, affordable health care, promoting prevention and wellness, and reducing health disparities.


The Exchange will earn the public’s trust through its commitment to accountability, responsiveness, transparency, speed, agility, reliability, and cooperation.


The impact of the Exchange will be measured by its contributions to expanding coverage and access, improving health care quality, promoting better health and health equity, and lowering costs for all Californians.


The Exchange will provide affordable health insurance while assuring quality and access

We bring a genuine desire to help good people as they seek safety and peace of mind, By serving as their guide and advocate in securing insurance coverage.

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